Mar 2018

Local Taranaki Gifts Packages

I think people can be lazy when it comes to buying a corporate gift to say thanks to a client, employee or special guest.  It's just another thing on the to do list, what do you get?, what do they like?, ummmm don't know - lets get flowers or a bottle of wine!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers and wine, and would be happy to take them of anyones hands who want to give them to me!  But I also think that the purpose of giving at this time is to actually really thank or congratulate someone - so a more thoughtful gift speaks volumes.  We have so many awesome producers here in Taranaki with some really great products, so I thought we'd package them up for you in stylish gift bags or wooden boxes, to hand out to your special people as a gift you can be more proud of!

Corporate Gift Packages Taranaki

Download our flyer below to get an idea of what you could do, but of course we can mix and match to suit your preference.




Dec 2014

Enhance Staff Christmas Party

Oct 2013

You may think that Halloween is a theme in itself, but you can actually create a much better effect with your decor if you choose a more specific Halloween theme.  The same way you would choose a theme and colours each year for Christmas; you can choose a style for Halloween.


I know us NZers don’t really get into the Halloween spirit like the American’s, but even creating a few decorations in your home to welcome the trick or treater’s, having a small Halloween dinner party, or holding a decoration competition in your office can be fun.


Here’s 5 Halloween theme and decoration ideas to get you started:


1.  Vintage Halloween Decor

This theme makes use of vintage and antique pieces.  Its a very black and grey colour scheme, quite gothic looking.  Use crystal, candles, glass ornaments and lanterns, bring out your best china, antique looking mirrors and frames, and decorate with black silk and ribbons, skulls, ravens, create cobwebs, spiders and of course the odd pumpkin (but maybe decorate it to fit the vintage look).  Feel free to bring in some white, or greenery to lighten things up and even splash a bit of glitter around to add some glam.

2. Rustic Halloween Decor

Perfect for a cottage/country style home or venue.  This theme can be quite cozy if you use warm orange colours and light some nice candles.  Use pumpkins, twigs, flowers, distressed looking items, make your own signs, tags and labels for jars, food containers and drinks, and hang bunting.  Country style furniture is perfect to decorate for this theme.

3. Elegant Halloween Decor

I didn’t think it was possible to have elegant Halloween decor with spiders, bats and pumpkins!  But apparently it is.  If you want to create an elegant look for Halloween its simple…..just use lots of whites and creams.  Spray paint some pumpkins, or use material, lace, sequins and glitter to cover them.  Decorate with white ornaments,  and inject some silver and bling for something extra.

4. Classy Halloween Decor

Classy Halloween decor is generally very simple.  Just choose 2 or 3 colours to decorate with.  Get crafty and paint some old frames, cut out some Halloween shapes to hang and use candles amongst your ornaments.  Black and white stripes will look awesome in a classy theme.

5.  Spooky Halloween Decor

This is definitely where creative pumpkin carving comes into play.  Create some pumpkin faces that will look scary glowing at night-time or hang some decorations that will make shadows by a candle.  Use ghosts, witches, spiders, cemeteries and bats to create the creepy effect, and you can even cut some spooky shapes out of black card to hang in your windows at night-time - all you need is a dim light in the room.

Sep 2013

Yep it's that time!

Man time flies, it's a bit scary that we're talking about Christmas, but now is the time to start planning your work Christmas party.

To give you some inspiration and maybe motivation, we’ve done a bit of a round up and here’s some options around Taranaki.



If you work in a small or medium sized company, a perfect option could be to purchase a table for the team at one of these live entertainment evenings:

The Ultimate Las Vegas Christmas Party at TSB Stadium  

Plus, they have a special offer – book and pay before 30 September and get two free bottles of wine for your table.

Visit their website for more info.


Christmas Cabaret with hypnotist Guy Carter - The Devon Hotel and Conference Centre

Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November. 

Christmas Cabaret with The Laughing Samoans - The Devon Hotel and Conference Centre

Friday 6 and Saturday 7 December.


Or how about New Plymouth’s newest Irish pub The Black Harp?

They have a small dining area seating up to 30, a pool table, and have Christmas menus available.


Patuha Lodge Country Retreat is also a great option for a Christmas party. 

They can cater for a small group with a full sit down buffet including a home-grown ham, Christmas pud with brandy sauce and homemade strawberry pav – yum!  Or if you have a larger crew, they can cater for up to 50 with a Christmas BBQ outside. Here's their contact details.




For larger companies, there are a number of function venues available, but here’s a few offering some great Christmas packages to make your party planning a bit easier:

Yarrow Stadium – offering Christmas packages which include a full menu, venue hire and festive theming from $33.50 to $80.00.

And as a cool add on if you have a sporty group, you can play a bit of backyard cricket!  Check this out…

TSB Bowl of Brooklands – this is such a stunning venue and partying on the stage is sure to create a memorable event for your team.  They are offering Christmas function packages from $31.50 to $75.00 which also include full menu options, venue hire and festive theming.  Find out more by clicking on the function packages link on their website.

We have a special offer exclusive to Conference Taranaki for Yarrow Stadium and TSB Bowl of Brooklands; book before 31 October and go in the draw to win a Christmas hamper.  Checkout the special offers on our website for more info.



If you'd rather organise and fully customise your own function rather than locking-in a package deal, then a hire and theming company will be helpful.  They have a lot of experience in dressing venues and can also provide AV, sound and light if you require. 

Speaking of hiring; if you'd really like to be unique you could hire a marquee and place it in almost any location you wish. Dobsons Marquee and Party Hire would be your best bet - check them out here.  They are also happy to co-ordinate your event planning for you which is the perfect solution if you don't have much time, but would like a customised party.


Showtime Entertainment

Maybe you'd like a band or DJ at your function, there are some great ones around, but if you'd really like to wow your guests, check out Showtime Entertainment group.  They  have a great selection of high class shows.  In fact, they are providing the entertainment, Rat Pack style, for the TSB Stadium Las Vegas themed Christmas party.  View their website for more info.


Hopefully this info has helped steer you in the right direction, or at least provided a kick start for the Christmas party planning process.


Good luck!